Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ghost Hunters International: Lopinot, Trinidad

Ghost Hunters International: Season three (2011), Episode 301 (Rising from the Grave), Airdate July 13, 2011, Investigation Lopinot, Trinidad - Cocoa plantation La Reconnaissance.

For the first time ever, the GHI team heads to Trinidad, where they will get to the bottom of claims of a long-dead slave master tormenting the townspeople.

At the Lopinot estate, Barry and the team meet with Martin Gomez, the caretaker, who tells them of the many claims of paranormal activity. People have heard horses riding by, footsteps in all corners of the estate, and there are even claims that Monsieur Lopinot, the owner of the cocoa plantation, will rise from his grave on a full moon. The cashew tree where he hanged his slaves is said to bleed their blood, and a fireball, believed to be a demon called a soucouyant, has been seen at a nearby river.

The next episode (Sensing Evil) that was filmed in Trinidad and Argentina shall be aired on July 20, 2011

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